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igrpweb among TOP 50 innovations in Africa

The application development platform for e-governance developed by NOSi - igrpweb - was selected as one of the 50 innovations of the Innovation Summit in Africa to be presented at the African Innovation Summit Innovation Exhibition in Rwanda June 6-8.

igrpweb competed with more than 600 applications from across the continent. The panel of judges was composed of 25 African experts from various areas. A NOSi team will be at this event to present this platform.

igrpweb is a tool for creating e-government applications, based on business processes and steps, automatic code generation and incorporation of Once-Only-Principle (OOP).

A single public service portal in any governance domain, aligned with the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) principle.

A unique and robust technology platform that allows you to create and run e-government applications in a simple, secure, integrated, and sustainable way, offered in the low-cost and pay-as-you-grow model.

igrpweb is provided securely on the internet, eliminating the need for the customer to build their own private telecommunications network.

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